Cartridge Killer versus Cartridge Calculator

The Cartridge Killer system maximizes your productivity and reduces your waste in the shop. The consistent and smooth bead of sealant gives you ultimate control of the quality of your sealing.
With Spray-Seal you know your using the best duct sealant in the industry. This gives your customer peace of mind they are getting a product that will perform and remain sealed for years to come.
The Cartridge Killer system is easy to set up and maintain. Spend your time sealing versus swapping and cutting cartridges.
The palm held gun allows for simple 1 hand use, and will minimize stress on the user.


Current cartridge size (milliliters)
Current cost per cartridge (EU)
Cost for 5 Gal Spray-Seal (EU)
Estimated time to change out cartridges (seconds)
Enter standard labor rate per hour (EU)


# of cartridges per 5 gallon pail
Cost of cartridges (EU)
Product Savings
Time savings (minutes)
Cost of time savings
Total Savings (per 5 gallon pail)

You can save minutes of labor time utilizing Spray-Seal and the Cartridge Killer system.

You can save € of labor cost utilizing Spray-Seal and the Cartridge Killer system.

You can save € on material costs utilizing Spray-Seal and the Cartridge Killer system.

Your overall savings can be € per 5 gallon pail of Spray-Seal utilizing the Cartridge Killer system.

Notes for calculator page:

"Calculator assumes full usage of cartridge material. In reality there will be material remaining in the cartridges. Therefore, this calculator should be a conservative estimate. Actual savings will be greater."

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